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10 Best Practices which can give us more medals in Olympic

The country becomes famous in the world that has something special. Having a natural gift is not in our hands but it can be earned through progress in various fields. Be it technology, art or sports.

One of the low cost areas is sports. For example, there is no cost to practice running. Or it seems, it is very negligible. By performing well in sports, we can bring laurels to the country at the global level in the Olympic Games.

But if we look at the history of the Olympics so far, it is known that except for a few exceptions, India's performance has been very disappointing.

Some countries, such as Japan, Germany, England, have an area less than the area of ​​a state in India, yet they are many times ahead of us in the Olympics.

Since the inception of the Olympics, the US has won a total of 2,632 medals, similar to Maharashtra in population, England has won 917 medals so far.

India has won only 35 medals so far. This performance is very disappointing considering the population of the country. India has got only 7 medals in the Olympics held in 2021. I congratulate all the players. And I wish him all the best for achieving similar success in his life and bringing laurels to the country. We are proud of you.

Even though Indians are dancing after getting 7 medals, but it is very important to think about how far we are behind other countries. Should we be satisfied with the medals we get in one digit or should we bring India's name to the world by getting medals in 2-3 digit like other countries?

If we take some small things seriously then maybe we can do well in the Olympics in the coming few years.

1. - More than 50 sports are played in the Olympics. But in our India, cricket is considered to be the best. Which countries like America, Japan, China do not even play, that is why it is not even a part of the Olympics. When we get a medal, then we know that this sport is also there in the Olympics. This shows our awareness of the game. Today there is a need to increase awareness towards sports. So that the eligible person can become a part of that particular sport.

2. - In India most of the ineligible sportspersons are selected for the Olympics. This affects the quality. It is necessary to stop it. There are many children like Budhia Singh in our country who are not getting proper training and guidance. Who can illuminate the name of India.

3. - The government spends political advertisements, entertainment and many other nonsense but does not make much budget provision for sports. If there is no budget then such sports should be encouraged which can give good performance at low cost.

4.- In other countries, children are trained from an early age and losers start training again. In India, however, training begins when the dates for the Olympics are announced. this attitude needs to change.

5. - Team's defeat in the recently concluded Olympics led to some goons visiting women's hockey star Vandana Kataria's residence and bursting firecrackers. This breaks the morale of the players. And in the future, players consider it appropriate to stay away from the game due to the fear of defeat. There is a need to change this thinking.

6.- Children of fishermen who are very skilled in swimming, people who do physical exercise for fun on the road, in gymnastics and tribal people are very skilled in shooting, they can become good players by being a part of this sport. Such people should be given the right education from an early age and should be adopted by the government so that they can perform well in the Olympics.

7.- In our India it is a superstition that we will get something only if we are lucky. This is also a failure factor. We often think that there is no medal in our destiny, so we do not get medals. There is a need to change this negative thinking and believe in working hard like other countries.

8.- Parents have only one dream in our country that if their child gets a good job by studying well then life is set. Due to which children do not get encouragement for sports except studies. Today children should have the freedom to choose their own path.

9.- The youth of our country mostly take great pride in wearing gold things and pretending to be rich. Which is sometimes fake gold or it is given by someone. By changing this thinking, if we consider it noble to bring this gold medal to the country, then perhaps the young generation of our country will be on the right track.

10. - After getting the medal in the Olympics, the players are filled and given money. Photos are taken with them. People try to show themselves big by trying to relate with them in different ways. But when this player works hard, no one supports him, his morale is broken by taunting him in different ways, which is a very wrong thing.

If we take these ten things seriously then maybe we can do well in the Olympics in the coming few years.

So let's all make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. If you like my work, then help me in spreading this channel to as many people as possible. And be a part of this mission to make tomorrow better. Also Subscribe our channel for such articles.


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