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Five Learnings from Russia- Ukraine War

For a few days, the disputes going on in Russia and Ukraine are increasing day by day. These disputes have now taken the form of war. If this continues like this, then this war may also become the third world war. The whole world may have to suffer the consequences of this. If we talk about only the last one week, then the price of crude oil has exceeded $ 100 per barrel. People have lost more than 8 lakh crores in the stock market. Its loss may be suffered by the general public in the coming time. Indian students trapped in Ukraine are longing to come back to their country. And those who have reached India safely are considering themselves very lucky. Because they have got life. Ukraine has also prepared its citizens to face this attack. So far many people have died in this attack, including some Indian students. No one can tell whether someone will be alive in the next minute or not. It's hard to even imagine it.

In such a situation, some people are enjoying by making jokes and memes on this incident. Making fun of others' misery is this our culture? Don't we have other topics to make jokes or memes? Instead of making such jokes, we can do the work of encouraging the people trapped in Ukraine. We can help in passing correct information to them. It is not right to make fun of those people who can die at any time by sitting at home.

Nowadays this topic is being discussed in house to house. Somebody says Ukraine should do this... Russia should do that. We sit at home and talk for a long time, but are we able to resolve the disputes in our own house? How is our relationship with our friends...with our siblings or with our neighbors? If you can make these relationships better, that's a lot. Other countries don't need your advice. If we maintain good relations with the people of different caste religions of our city, then we can make our country more powerful.

We are not going to discuss which angle is right and which is wrong in this war. But we definitely get something learn from this war. Because this learning can be useful to us in our personal life too.

1. Do not take any decision at the behest of others. This can put you in trouble yourself. And nothing works in times of crisis.

2. No matter how powerful the enemy is... do not run away in fear from him.. but should have the confidence to face him.

3. Always be independent. Never expect anyone's help. Because the person helping today can take advantage of you in the future.

4 Waging war kills the lives of the general public and soldiers. But because of whom this war takes place, they go ahead and shake hands and hug. The loss in this is to the general public.

5. Victory cannot always be achieved by violence against the enemy. Due to this, there is a loss of both himself and the enemy. Sometimes victory can be achieved by adopting the path of non-violence.

So let's go We start walking on the path of peace from our home because sometimes even small quarrels take a big form. Which ends badly.

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