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What is Transform Mania?

                   Transform Mania is a social movement started by a tired and helpless Indian citizen. The Indian system is deteriorating day by day. Corruption, violence, inequality, political pressure, superstition, lack of proper opportunities, ignorance, looting, mental or physical abuse have become very common in any field. It involves the exploitation of the middle class. And it has become a rule that no one is ready to listen to the voice of middle class people and if anyone starts speaking, his voice is suppressed. Tired of this system, a social movement called Transfer Mania was formed.

                      One thing that has become very clear in the last few years is that if we want to change this system, we have to start the change on our own, only then we can change this system, not otherwise. Through this movement, we all want to come together and initiate change on our own and create an India that the world will envy for our future generations. Anyone who has this feeling in their mind is a part of Citizen Transform Mania.

Who is the actual face behind Transform Mania?

                      Who am I? that is not important. My purpose is more important which is to make tomorrow better. The Constitution gives everyone the right to speak and express their views. Yet some people in the society go to the lowest level against those who speak against the system. It is a mask to stay away from such people as well as to stay away from the publicity gained from social work. Behind this mask is an ordinary Indian citizen who is trying to change this system. If you too are prevented from expressing your views and you want to stay away from publicity and do social work, then you too can wear this mask and become part of the Transform Mania movement.

What did Transform Mania expect from you?

                       Transform Mania is a movement of all Indians, not just one. There is only one rule of this movement and that is to start the change on its own. Through this movement, we appeal to all of us to come together and speak out against the injustices that are happening around us in order to create an India that the world will envy for the next generation. The contribution of all of us to the success of this movement is invaluable.

                       Transform Mania is a movement that has been created to reach as many people as possible. Through this blog, it is to create awareness on many topics such as education, environment, politics, sociology, superstition. If you like this work, be sure to subscribe to the channel and try to reach as many people as possible with this blog.

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