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Hijab Controversy Mastermind | Red Alert for Students involved in Hijab Controversy

Recently, 26 January was celebrated with great fanfare all over the country, on this day the Constitution was implemented in India. It was not even 10 days since this festival and some students were found flouting the Constitution in Udapi city of Karnataka state. The controversy was that in college, some Muslim girls came wearing the hijab which she had been wearing for many years. But some students of Hindu organization reached the college with saffron dupatta and surrounded a girl and raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram. The girl also raised slogans of 'Allah Hu Akbar' and the matter got disturbed. Some students also hoisted the saffron flag in the college campus where the Tiranga is always hoisted.

Even to bring the situation under control, schools and colleges had to be closed for three days. And the matter reached the court. Whatever happened was not good. Wearing hijab in school or college or wearing clothes of any religion is right or wrong, I will not speak about it, it is everyone's personal choice. And soon the court will give its decision on this. But I would like to express my views on the videos of the demonstration which are going viral on social media.

The purpose of going to school college is to study but to protest for a minor reason and to give leave for three days is not acceptable. This thing is not limited only to students, but the color of religion and politics is visible in this. The special thing is that the principal and lecturers of that college whose girl named Muskaan was persecuted are also standing with that girl and said that it is permissible for girls to wear hijab. Muskaan told in BBC interview.

Muskan has also told that most of the boys who teased her were boys from outside the college. This means that some anti-social elements from outside enter the college premises and want to disturb the atmosphere of the college by provoking other students here. Some TV reporters asked questions to the protesting students but no one knew the answer, just shouting and the demonstration continued. This shows that the protesters were demonstrating under the influence of some political leaders. How did everyone get the matching turban and shawl? There is only one reason behind this that elections are going on. And people are in Hindu Khatre Mei Hai & Musalman Khatre Mei Hai is the most favorite topic of Indians. They don't want to discuss on basic problems of India. That's the reason politicians create such controversy before the elections. The most shameful thing is that students are brainwashed to create such controversies.

Because of Corona, schools and colleges were closed for two years due to which the students have suffered a lot and from this year the new education policy is going to be implemented but the students have nothing to do with it. In the end, these same students will blame the government in the name of unemployment in a few years.

The intervention of the parents of the students is necessary in this. What is your child doing outside? Whether it is right or wrong, it should be investigated or else tomorrow can prove to be very bad for the youth. There is still time, all the students should understand what is right and what is wrong and should not be influenced by the people doing politics. In this only the students will be harmed and the politicians will be benefited which can prove to be very dangerous for the coming future... That's why the time has not gone yet. Get better and take your step on the right path.

So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. If you like our work, then help us to reach this blog to as many people as possible. And be a part of this mission to make tomorrow better.

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