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How does Mentalist Suhani Shah Read Minds?

First of all let us know what is the background of Suhani Shah. Suhani Shah took her first step in the field of magic at the age of seven with the help of her parents. Since then she has not even gone to school. She used to have theatre shows in different cities. Later she made magic his profession. You must have also seen the magic show of Suhani or any other magician in the school or in the fair. Any good magician, before starting his show, tells his audience that magic is the art of sleight of hands and not the use of divine power or tantra-mantra.

Suhani also used to say this before starting her magic show. But the magician has to act like he has divine powers and with the help of that magic happens, it is necessary to act so that people can enjoy the magic show to the fullest.

Like before the start of any movie disclaimer comes that all the characters and events in this story are fictional, it has no relation with any person or event. Still we get emotional while watching movies. This is a way to entertain people.

In the last ten-fifth years, Mentalism shows started becoming more prevalent in outside India... It used to include reading people's mind, telling about the past or making predictions. Which is considered to be an advanced form of magic. Of course, it is our tradition to bring to India whatever is going good outside. Keeping this tradition intact, many magicians of India practiced this art and started calling themselves mentalists including Suhani Shah.

If the history of any mentalist of the world is seen, then he was a magician first and later he became a mentalist. Just as there is sleight of hand in magic, similarly techniques of forcing and manipulation are used in mentalism. This means that someone in the audience is forced to think something in his mind and Mentalist tells the same thing in front of everyone by acting and we think that he has really read the mind but in reality it is just an illusion.

List of well-known Mentalist in the world. All are basically Magicians

Till date you must have seen all the shows of Mentalism in which Suhani Shah or Karan Singh or any mentalist from outside the country, whatever they show is not possible in reality, it is just an illusion. If this was possible in reality, then a mentalist's post was also there in the police department. Whether there is a thief or not, it would be known in a few seconds but it does not happen. Perhaps you are still not believing these things, then watch what Suhani Shah herself has to say in the video below (watch from 3:10 secs to 3:55 sec.)

Also do check the website of Illusionist Shardul. He teaches Mentalism and clearly says that, this is an art and can be used only to entertain people.

If the mentalists themselves are openly speaking that mentalism is just an art and it should be seen only from the point of view of entertainment then we should have faith in it. If you have not seen Mentalism show, then you will get information about Suhani Shah's Mentalism show in some cities of India named Kahaani on bookmyshow.

I make a request to you that we should respect any mentalist, magician or any artist. Because he works hard day and night to entertain the audience. If we make fun of him or say something bad to him then he is heartbroken. And if someone says that he has divine power and can do anything, then such people should be shown their place. rest you are smart.

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Oct 10, 2022

very correct

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