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Are you following right (Baba) Monk? | 5 ways to check Fraud Baba

Long ago, human beings were amazed by the phenomena of nature, such as thunder, rain, earthquakes, storms, etc. Later the man's brain developed and he began to think that some invisible force in the universe caused all these things to happen and he named that force as a God.

From this, the attempt to find God started and out of it Sadhus were born. There is no doubt that these people were selfless, honest and humanitarian. After some time, the attitude of the people towards them changed. God is invisible to the eyes, does not talk to anyone, does not give solutions to problems, but these monks are seen, they are the ones who got the place of God.

Recently Baba got to know that, there is no need to work hard, there is no need to worry and a lot of love can be collected by being Baba. Suffering from the problems of daily life, a man began to find the solution to his problems in Baba. This route seemed very close and convenient to him.

The hypocritical Baba realized that if he does miracles then more people can be gathered and he started performing some miracles with the help of tricks and science. The innocent people started thinking that these were divine miracles and Baba replaced the stone god who was doing nothing.

Baba's predictions regarding procreation, marriage, illness, job, court disputes started to come true to some extent according to the law of probability and Baba's business flourished. Just because a person has learned a lot or achieved great success in a certain field does not mean that the person is intelligent. This is what benefited Baba.

Politicians, rich people, sportspersons, actors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, high-ranking officials started coming to Baba, so the common man got the impression that Baba is very powerful. If the Baba's solutions works then Baba is great. If the solution doesn't work then there is some sin in your previous life. This is how it was propounded.

First Photo Aslam Baba who used to treat patients by kissing was arrested and now died due to Covid. Second Photo Asaram Bapu is in Jail for the case of Murder and Rape. Third photo Sebastian Martin was self proclaimed healer Baba died due to kidney failure. The list of fraud Babas are so long.

Nowadays Baba has plans for how to rob people. He is advertised by many agents and the business starts. On the one hand, life is mortal, in life, one should give up, give alms, do not be greedy for money etc. Doses of knowledge are given to the devotees and on the other hand, Baba is getting richer day by day.

Eating and sleeping on the ground is the hallmark of a true Saint/ Baba/ Monk, but Baba's standard of living is a disgrace to the King and an ashram is like five-star hotel. Such fraud Babas are found in all the religions and we need to stay away from them.

Of course, there are some exceptions to above Babas and those are really doing great job.

Let's understand how to find out fraud Babas and its simple.

1) If a Baba claims to perform miracles against the rules of science, then he is a hypocrite.

2) If a Baba claims to cure a disease without giving medicine, then he is a hypocrite.

3) If a Baba allows people older than himself to salute him, then he is a hypocrite.

4) He is a hypocrite if he collects or accepts more goods, money, wealth than necessary.

5) If the devotees are discriminated between the rich and the poor. Also if Baba gets angry when he is criticized or if he has a feeling of revenge, then he is a hypocrite. These simple points can make you wiser and you will be able to figure out if you are following the right person or not. The above article is written from the experience of the author. It has no intention of hurting any religion, party or group. We respect your thoughts and feelings. Be sure to leave a comment on how you felt about our article. So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. If you like my work, then help me to reach this blog to as many people as possible. And be a part of this mission to make tomorrow better.

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