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How overthinking is killing you daily!

Man is the most thoughtful animal. He was able to make progress only because of his ability to think. But nowadays he is thinking of trivial things when he is not needed, which has made his life difficult. Here's an example of how over-thinking can be dangerous through a short story.

There was a king, who was a very innovative thinker! One day a criminal was sentenced to death in his court! The king told the criminal that instead of hanging you, you would be bitten by the most poisonous snake.

The other day the criminal was brought to a room! At that time the king was also present there. As soon as the criminal saw the snake coming towards him, he got scared. Then at the behest of the king, a soldier blindfolded the criminal. So that he could not see anything. As soon as the snake came near to the criminal, only then the king told his chief in the ear to catch the snake and prick the needle on the criminal's hand. So that the offender feels that the snake has bitten him.

The head started thinking in his mind that if the needle was pricked, how can a criminal is going to die? But there was the order of the king. So, the chief caught the snake and pricked the needle on the criminal's hand.

The criminal shouted loudly and fell down within seconds. When Vaidya was called, he declared the criminal is dead!

Everyone was surprised that how can someone die by pricking a needle? But then Vaidya told that, the criminal did not die because of the pain that the snake was about to give him. But the thought of that pain, the poison produced in the body by that thought was more dangerous than the venom of a snake. Therefore he died.

Similar story repeats many times in our life too. Problems don't have enough power to disturb us. But overthinking that problem has more power than it can ruin us!

So don't think too much that the colors of life seem colorless.

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