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Who is responsible for the damage caused by floods?

Rain… who doesn't like it? Soothing Atmosphere, Greenery everywhere… But if this rain is more than the limit… and when this rain takes the form of flood and water gets filled everywhere, it becomes a headache.

something like this every year in Mumbai, Bihar, Kerala, Gujarat, Happens in Assam. Rain is good for us and we can't even stop it from us. But we can stop water logging in the city and its destruction.

The list of damages caused by floods is very long. Due to the flood, the economy stops for a few days, the business of small traders would stop, due to which they suffer a lot.

Many times the roads get filled with so much water that it becomes difficult to drive vehicles on the roads, in such a situation, if someone has to go to the hospital in an emergency, then the ambulance cannot walk on the way. After the flood is over, the quantity of many minor patients inadvertently increases. Which fills the hospitals.

Many people, animals get lost or die in the grip of this flood. Crop also suffers due to heavy floods, causing loss to farmers. In short everything falls apart.

But if there is a problem, then there must be a solution too.

Other objections, which causes us harm… like an earthquake, of which we do not get any indication before. But we already get the signs of heavy rain. We can know in advance on which day, how much rain is expected. Still we are not able to manage it. Does our technology fall short or is our mindset weak?

Who can be responsible for this? And the answer is both the government and the public!

First of all know what can happen due to flood

1. Deforestation, Due to this, the trees, which work to hold the soil, by cutting them, when the rains come, the soil easily flows into the river due to the strong flow of water. Due to the same soil, the water does not flow easily in the river, due to which the level of the river water rises.

2. By constructing settlements on the banks of rivers and rivulets, the banks of the river become small, due to which the water of the river enters the surrounding settlement, affecting the life of the people.

3. Improper waste management also causes floods. It is often seen that people throw household garbage in the river, due to which the flow of water is not fast and it becomes a cause of flood in heavy rains.

4. Wrong infrastructure is also considered to be the main reason for water logging in the city. Due to the construction of cement everywhere, the rain water does not dry up in the ground and the underground drainage also cannot flow more water than its capacity.

And many other minor man-made activities cause heavy floods.

Like I said, both the government and the public are responsible for this. So let's see. What steps should the government take to prevent floods?

1. It has been said in a report that some contractors do the work of widening the banks of the river every year. But that work is temporary so that every year the contractor gets a contract to do the same work. In which the whole system gets a good chance to earn money. This very wrong thing is happening in our country, at least corruption should not be done in the work which threatens the lives of the people. If the public becomes aware, it can make some difference to prevent the contractor and local officials from committing such corruption.

2. It rains every year. Before the rains, all the river drains should be cleaned in the month as well as the drainage should also be cleaned. Where there is a possibility of water filling, a water pump should be installed so that the frozen water can be taken out. This work should be done by the corporation members of their respective departments, if they are not doing this work then the local people should ask them questions.

3. It has been seen many times that many pools, buildings collapse due to floods, due to which it has not been repaired for many years or there has been corruption in it while making it. At such times, it is necessary to repair weak pools, buildings, if this is not possible, then the general public should not be allowed to enter the premises until the rain stops so that the accident due to this can be avoided.

After the floods, the government announces a relief package. But when it is known that there is a possibility of a flood, it can cause a lot of damage to the people, the government does not have the money to stop it.

Apart from India, many countries are in preparation for not flooding for 100 years. But here we just declare relief packages which do not actually reach the affected people.

Let the government do its work or not, we will definitely do our duty. I will share some small things with you so that we can keep the flood under control.

1. Keep the extra items kept in the courtyard outside the house in a safe place so that there is no problem in the flow of rain water.

2. Keep pets in a safe and high place

3. You can use sand bags to prevent rain water from entering the house.

4. If you can help others after the flood, then definitely do it, especially those who are in dire need of help

5. If someone is getting affected due to flood, then instead of taking video in his mobile, help and keep in mind that it is better to help by coming only in feelings and help by taking safe steps by working with mind.

Do not let the water stagnate in your surrounding area for a long time, it is prone to many diseases.

If there is an accident nearby, then immediately inform your nearest concerned officer or office.

And yes, if possible, try to plant more and more trees in the open space, by this we can reduce the damage caused by rain.

So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary.


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