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Symptoms of Omicron suggested by WHO | Precautions to save from Omicron

Corona is not finished yet and can't say when it will leave. Corona, Delta, and more recently a new species found in South Africa. According to the scientists, it spreads faster. Scientists have named this type as B.1.1529, while WHO has named it as 'Omicron'. Just a few days ago, buses, trains, theaters, cinemas, schools were slowly being restored, but this new Omicron has put the whole world in tense.

Symptoms of the new Omicron variant of the Corona-

* Mild Fever

* Cough

* Feeling tired

* Loss of taste or smell

* Sore throat

* Headache

* Diarrhea

* Acne on the skin

* Red eyes

* Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

* Chest pain These symptoms are suggested by WHO . Although Omicron is found only in South Africa, other countries have also taken precautionary measures. The WHO has given some advice to avoid Omicron in such cases. If we follow the following, we can stop Omicron from spreading.

- Wear the right mask when going out.

- Keep windows open, have good ventilation in home or office.

- Avoid crowded places.

- Keep your hands clean.

- Use a handkerchief or tissue when sneezing or coughing.

- Must get vaccinated.

As an Indian conscious citizen, we need time to take care of ourselves, our family, our village, our state and our country. One thing to always remember, this difficult time will also pass. So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. Please subscribe to our channel to join our mission.


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