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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is the root of cancer!

Johnson's Baby Powder is a powder used by many mothers for their babies. But be careful while using the powder or Stop using it immediately.

It is claimed about Johnson & Johnson baby powder that asbestos is mixed in this powder, which causes serious diseases like cancer. Asbestos can cause many diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma. Several reports have claimed that the company was aware that its powder contained asbestos, but did not disclose it.

The Maharashtra Government has cancelled the manufacturing license of Johnson and Johnson's Baby Powder in the state. The Maharashtra FDA issued a press note notifying that Johnson & Johnson's wont be able to manufacture talc-based baby powder in Maharashtra.

Baby powder is widely used in newborns. It was found that there is no standard in the pH of the powder samples that were examined. The product may affect the health of the skin of newborns, the FDA said.

Johnson & Johnson has also rejected the allegation that the powder causes incurable diseases like cancer. The company has claimed that the powder does not cause any cancer.

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