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Current Condition of India's First Girl's School... Tourism Minister get up!

To date, only two persons in India have conferred the title of Mahatma. The two persons are Gandhiji and Phule.

Today, Indian women are not behind men in any field but the entire credit goes to the Phule couple. The country recognizes them as the couple who started the first school for girls in India. Mahatma Phule gave fluent English speech in front of the Queen on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's felicitation in Pune during the British rule, raised the issue of education. Also worked for the shelter of widows.

The work of the Phule couple is unparalleled in history. That is why Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar considered Jyotiba Phule as his Guru.

In-school lessons it is taught that the girls could go to school because of the Phule couple and they have to bear stones and dung thrown by the orthodox people to continue the girl's education. Savitribai's birthday is celebrated on 3rd January every year. Does just celebrating one day's birthday really bring justice to their great sacrifice and social work? This is a big question.

Monuments of great men who served the country in the pre-independence period are in many places in India and Maharashtra. It is necessary for today's generation to be aware of their work. But sadly, in this case, the Phule couple has been treated unfairly.

It is said with great pride that the first school for girls in the country was started at Bhidewada in Pune, but how many people know what is the condition of that castle today ..?

Current Condition of India's first school for girls. Bhide Wada in Pune.

Today, the government says, "Beti Bachao... Beti Padhao." They started this campaign but we should not forget that this campaign has been implemented first by the Phule couple in 1848 by starting first girl's school in India. So far crores of rupees have been wasted by many governments for many unnecessary works but no one has shown generosity to save this sacred palace in Pune. The palace should be declared as a national monument, and the opening of a museum and a gallery of his writings on the contributions of Mahatma Phule will give a glimpse of his work to today's generation.

Maharashtra's Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray is a young leader. He was influenced by the thoughts of ​​Mahatma Phule on his grandfather. So, if he pays attention to this castle, it will be good in terms of tourism. After seeing the splendor of Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati near this Wada, one wonders whether we really live in progressive Maharashtra.

Next year, it will be 175 years for the first girl's school to start in this castle. It is requested to the government to start the work of renovation as soon as possible and give due respect to the work of Mahatma Phule and Savitribai Phule.

So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. If you like my work, then help me to reach this blog to as many people as possible. And be a part of this mission to make tomorrow better. Please subscribe to our channel to join our mission.


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