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11 Steps to recover the loss of Students in Village | How to improve the quality of Education

Schools have been closed for the past 21 months due to the Corona epidemic. The classes were started online in preparation for the exams as no one had any idea that it would be time to cancel the exams. This method of learning without going to actual school was initially welcomed in urban areas but this type of study has caused a great deal of loss to the students.

Schools before Covid-19

Efforts need to be made to make up for the loss of students due to corona. Doing the following will definitely help.

1) Regular classes should be started at 50% capacity by following the rules of corona without closing the school.

2) The government should ensure uninterrupted supply of internet and electricity in every village.

3) One religion one holiday scheme should be started without keeping many school holidays.

4) Every school should be provided with big screen TV or digital screen and the teaching of renowned teachers of the country should be broadcast live.

5) The benefit should be given to the students by keeping the teaching program on Doordarshan. Also, private channels should be compelled to set aside special time for broadcasting school programs.

6) Other developed countries should review how schools were planned during the lockdown period. 7) Parents should give up the feeling that the responsibility of teaching belongs only to the schools, and at least the primary education should be given at home by the senior members of the family. 8) It should be examined whether it is possible to take help of NGOs for teaching in poor areas.

9) Close to unnecessary subjects, important and necessary subjects for future life should be included in the school curriculum. 10) Financially backward students should be provided with devices like smart phones, laptops for free or at very low rates. 11) Students should be evaluated strictly and teachers should be paid accordingly. So let's all together make a promise today that we will start with ourselves in making tomorrow better. Because now change is necessary. If you like my work, then help me to reach this blog to as many people as possible. And be a part of this mission to make tomorrow better. Please subscribe to our channel to join our mission.


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